File locker? Folder locker? I am not interested, I already have one!

Think again,
we are not talking in physical terms but locker softwares for your PC files and folders. 

Hmm.. Now that’s got you thinking. What does this mean?

How would you like a simple software to protect all your “sensitive” files and folders from people whom you wouldn’t like to share them with. The best way to protect your important health, financial, private and other confidential information from falling into destructive hands is owning a
 file locking software like
File Locker.

File Locker does all this for you easily and much more. Selected files and folders are locked and encrypted with a password known only to you. File Locker can also be used for decrypting the encrypted files whenever you wish to view them. File Locker uses a symmetric encryption algorithm known as RC4 for encryption. Locked files and folders are protected from Trojans, virus and malicious programs. This secure program is available to you for a trial period that you can opt to buy later. Do not lose out on this opportunity! You can share encrypted files with your friends and relatives.

File Locker is compatible with Windows OS. Try before you Buy!

Download File Locker software today!

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